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Upload Scene Paris Bistro-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Manor
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Carnelian Necklace
Total Objects 68 & Super Clue
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 8 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Estate Points 160 EstatePoints-icon

The Paris Bistro is one of the possible Scenes of the Carnelian Necklace. It can be found when clicking on Ramsey Manor and choose from the Manor.

Trophy Table Modifica

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

262.500 700.000 1.400.000

Share Modifica

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—Image © Zynga
"Player" unlocked Paris Bistro, a stop on the trail of the carnelian necklace.
Emma believes the necklace may hold a clue. Will it be revealed at the Paris Bistro?
Share Bonus: Clue

Screenshot Modifica

Scene Paris Bistro-Screenshot

Object Map Modifica

Scene Paris Bistro-Map

Objects To FindModifica

Name Icon Item No
Menu HO PBistro Menu-icon 01
Star HO PBistro Star-icon 02
Blue Ribbon HO PBistro Blue Ribbon-icon 03
Kiss HO PBistro Kiss-icon 04
Record HO PBistro Record-icon 05

Jade Button

HO PBistro Jade Button-icon 06
Frog HO PBistro Frog-icon 07
Hawk HO PBistro Hawk-icon 08
Book HO PBistro Book-icon 09
Russell Trerrier HO PBistro Russel Terrier-icon 10
Baguette HO PBistro Baguette-icon 11
Lipstick HO PBistro Lipstick-icon 12
HO PBistro Broom-icon
Coins HO PBistro Coins-icon 14
Gramophone HO PBistro Gramophone-icon 15
Picnic Basket HO PBistro Picnic Basket-icon 16
Flag HO PBistro Flag-icon 17
Roses HO PBistro Roses-icon 18
Manhole Cover HO PBistro Manhole Cover-icon 19
Thread HO PBistro Thread-icon 20
Ice Skate HO PBistro Ice Skate-icon 21
Bell HO PBistro Bell-icon 22
Heart HO PBistro Heart-icon 23
Boot HO PBistro Boot-icon 24
Stiletto Shoe HO PBistro Stilettoe-icon 25
Pitcher HO PBistro Pitcher-icon 26
Bicycle HO PBistro Bicyle-icon 27
HO PBistro Champagne-icon
Beret HO PBistro Beret-icon 29
Woman HO PBistro Woman-icon 30
Binoculars HO PBistro Binoculars-icon 31
Ladder HO PBistro Ladder-icon 32
Suitcase HO PBistro Suitcase-icon 33
Wineglass HO PBistro Wine Glass-icon 34
Hand Mirror HO PBistro Hand Mirror-icon 35
Watering Can HO PBistro Watering Can-icon 36
Shopping Bags HO PBistro Shopping Bags-icon 37
Buterfly HO PBistro Butterfly-icon 38
Button HO PBistro Button-icon 39
Caterpillar HO PBistro Caterpillar-icon 40
Chest HO PBistro Chest-icon 41
HO PBistro Cigarette-icon
Clover HO PBistro Clover-icon 43
Coffee Cup HO PBistro Coffee Cup-icon 44
Coin Purse HO PBistro Coin Purse-icon 45
Cray Fish HO PBistro Crayfish-icon 46
Creme Brulee HO PBistro Creme Brulee-icon 47
Croissant HO PBistro Croissant-icon 48
Cycle Pump HO PBistro Cycle Pump-icon 49
Dried Leaf HO PBistro Dried Leaf-icon 50
Egg HO PBistro Egg-icon 51
Eiffel Tower HO PBistro Eiffel Tower-icon 52
Emerald HO PBistro Emerald-icon 53
Fleur de Lys HO PBistro Fleur de Lys-icon 54
Folding Fan HO PBistro Folding Fan-icon 55
Horse HO PBistro Horse-icon 56
Lilacs HO PBistro Lilacs-icon 57
Mannequin HO PBistro Mannequin-icon 58
HO PBistro Paintbrush-icon
Overcoat HO PBistro Overcoat-icon 60
Painter's Pallette HO PBistro Painter's Pallette-icon 61
Pink Ribbon HO PBistro Pink Ribbon-icon 62
Poodle HO PBistro Poodle-icon 63
Rooster HO PBistro Rooster-icon 64
Scarf HO PBistro Scarf-icon 65
HO PBistro Skis-icon
Sunglasses HO PBistro Sunglasses-icon 66
Tape Measure HO PBistro Tape Measure-icon 67
HO PBistro Umbrella-icon

Super ClueModifica

The Super Clue wants you to "Light the Candle", to do so, click on the Match and then on the Candle. Previously you had to use the Match with a Matchbox but they changed that.

HO PBistro Candle-icon


HO PBistro Match-icon

Match Lit

HO PBistro Match Lit-icon

Candle Lit
HO PBistro Candle Lit-icon

Gallery Modifica

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