Il Covo del ladro
Upload File:Scene Il Covo del ladro-icon.png
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Manor
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Collana di Corniola
Total Objects 72
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 8 Energy-icon.png
Unlocked by
Estate Points 200 EstatePoints-icon.png

Il Covo del ladro is one of the possible Scenes of the Collana di Corniola. It can be found when clicking on Ramsey Manor and choose from the Manor.

Trophy Table Modifica

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

262.500 700.000 1.400.000

Share Modifica

Upload File:Share Il Covo del ladro-feed.png
—Image © Zynga
"Player" unlocked a den of thieves!
"Player" follows the carnelian necklace to the Thief's Lair. What treasures will they find there?
Share Bonus: Clue

Screenshot Modifica

Scene Thief's Lair-Screenshot.jpg

Object Map Modifica

Thief's lair.jpg

Objects To FindModifica

Item Name Icon
Axe HO TLair Axe-icon.png
Bow Tie HO TLair Bow Tie-icon.png
Knife HO TLair Knife-icon.png
Rat HO TLair Rat-icon.png
Binoculars HO TLair Binoculars-icon.png
Microphone HO TLair Microphone-icon.png
Chalk HO TLair Chalk-icon.png
Leather Jacket HO TLair Leather Jacket-icon.png
Hammer HO TLair Hammer-icon.png
Record HO TLair Record-icon.png
Cane HO TLair Cane-icon.png
Tape Recorder HO TLair Tape Recorder-icon.png
Wanted Poster HO TLair Wanted Poster-icon.png
Bomb HO TLair Bomb-icon.png
Clamp HO TLair Clamp-icon.png
Bicycle HO TLair Bicycle-icon.png
Broken Glass HO TLair Broken Glass-icon.png
Bullets HO TLair Bullets-icon.png
Camera HO TLair Camera-icon.png
Cigar HO TLair Cigar-icon.png
Coins HO TLair Coins-icon.png
Deck of Cards HO TLair Deck of Cards-icon.png
Drill HO TLair Drill-icon.png
Gold Watch HO TLair Gold Watch-icon.png
Hacksaw HO TLair Hacksaw-icon.png
Headphones HO TLair Headphones-icon.png
Leather Gloves HO TLair Leather Gloves-icon.png
Metal Clip HO TLair Metal Clip-icon.png
Military Boots HO TLair Military Boots-icon.png
Pigeon HO TLair Pigeon-icon.png
Piggy Bank HO TLair Piggy Bank-icon.png
Pistol HO TLair Pistol-icon.png
Radio HO TLair Radio-icon.png
Ransom Note HO TLair Ransom Note-icon.png
Roll of Tape HO TLair Roll of Tape-icon.png
Suitcase HO TLair Suitcase-icon.png
Telescope HO TLair Telescope-icon.png
Tweezers HO TLair Tweezers-icon.png
Wallet HO TLair Wallet-icon.png
World Map HO TLair World Map-icon.png
Ashtray HO TLair Ashtray-icon.png
Bandit Mask HO TLair Bandit Mask-icon.png
Chisel HO TLair Chisel-icon.png
Crumb Brush HO TLair Crumb Brush-icon.png
Drill Bit HO TLair Drill Bit-icon.png
Duffel Bag HO TLair Duffel Bag-icon.png
Magazine HO TLair Magazine-icon.png
Mustache HO TLair Mustache-icon.png
Pen HO TLair Pen-icon.png
Crowbar HO TLair Crowbar-icon.png
Dynamite HO TLair Dynamite-icon.png
Finger Print HO TLair Finger Print-icon.png
Grappling Hook HO TLair Grappling Hook-icon.png
Guitar Case HO TLair Guitar Case-icon.png
Padlock HO TLair Padlock-icon.png
Passport HO TLair Passport-icon.png
Push Pin HO TLair Push Pin-icon.png
Rifle HO TLair Rifle-icon.png
Torch HO TLair Torch-icon.png
Train HO TLair Train-icon.png
Sun Glasses HO TLair Sun Glasses-icon.png
Cork Screw HO TLair Cork Screw-icon.png
Tin Canisters HO TLair Tin Canisters-icon.png
Airline Ticket HO TLair Airline Ticket.png
Bolts HO TLair Bolts.png
Hand Mirror HO TLair Hand Mirror.png
Model Car HO TLair Model Car.png
Plane HO TLair Plane.png
Purse HO TLair Purse.png
Stethoscope HO TLair Stethoscope.png
Tarantula HO TLair Tarantula.png
Tin Snips HO TLair Tin Snips.png

Super Clue Modifica

The Super Clue wants you to level the Scale. To do so you have to find the 2 Pound weight two times and add it to the right scale pan.

Scale at Initial Stage 2 Pound Weight Scale 1 weight added Scale finished
HO TLair Scale 1-icon.png HO TLair 2 Pound Weight-icon.png HO TLair Scale 2-icon.png
HO TLair Scale 3-icon.png

Mini Game Modifica

There are several ways this mini game is played you need to find 5 poker chips or find 20 coins. To get the items that are hidden under the random stuff in the drawer you need to click on it and pull it away while holding the left mousekey.

Click on the Drawer to open the Mini Game
Scene Thief's Lair Drawer-icon.png File:Scene Thief's Lair MiniGame-Screenshot.jpg#file

Gallery Modifica

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