Orient Express
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Vital statistics
Category Manor
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Carnelian Necklace
Level 2
Total Objects 68
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 8 Energy-icon.png
Unlocked by
Other Source by default

The Orient Express is one of the possible Scene of the Collana di Corniola. It can be found when clicking on Ramsey Manor and choose from the Manor.

Trophy Table Modifica

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

262.500 700.000 1.400.000

Screenshot Modifica

Scene Orient Express-Screenshot.png

Object Map Modifica

Scene Orient Express-Map.png

Objects to FindModifica

Name Icon Item No
Black Gloves HO OrientE Black Gloves-icon.png 01
Black Stockings HO OrientE Black Stockings-icon.png 02
Briefcase HO OrientE Briefcase-icon.png 03
Bullet HO OrientE Bullet-icon.png 04
Bunny HO OrientE Bunny-icon.png 05
Butterfly Hairpin HO OrientE Butterfly Hairpin-icon.png 06
Cane HO OrientE Cane-icon.png 07
Cherub HO OrientE Cherub-icon.png 08
Coat Rack HO OrientE Coat Rack-icon.png 09
Crystal Glassware HO OrientE Crystal Glassware-icon.png 10
Cufflinks HO OrientE Cufflinks-icon.png 11
Decanter HO OrientE Decanter-icon.png 12
Dog HO OrientE Dog-icon.png 13
Dress Shoe HO OrientE Dress Shoe-icon.png 14
Electric Fan HO OrientE Electric Fan-icon.png 15

Fallen Vase

HO OrientE Fallen Vase-icon.png 16
Flask HO OrientE Flask-icon.png 17
Gold Necklace HO OrientE Gold Necklace-icon.png 18
Goldfish HO OrientE Goldfish-icon.png 19
Grapes HO OrientE Grapes-icon.png 20
Hammer HO OrientE Hammer-icon.png 21
Handcuffs HO OrientE Handcuffs-icon.png 22
Handkerchief HO OrientE Handkerchief-icon.png 23
Hat HO OrientE Hat-icon.png 24
Horseshoe HO OrientE Horseshoe-icon.png 25
Inkwell HO OrientE Inkwell-icon.png 26
Kitten HO OrientE Kitten-icon.png 27
Knitting Basket HO OrientE Knitting Basket-icon.png 28
Lace Doily HO OrientE Lace Doily-icon.png 29
Leaf HO OrientE Leaf-icon.png 30
Leather Duffel Bag HO OrientE Leather Duffel Bag-icon.png 31
Lighter HO OrientE Lighter-icon.png 32
Loose Screws HO OrientE Loose Screws-icon.png 33
Mallet HO OrientE Mallet-icon.png 34
Matchbox HO OrientE Matchbox-icon.png 35
Newspaper HO OrientE Newspaper-icon.png 36
Open Book HO OrientE Open Book-icon.png 37
Orange Juice HO OrientE Orange Juice-icon.png 38
Orange HO OrientE Orange-icon.png 39
Pearl Necklace HO OrientE Pearl Necklace-icon.png 40
Pencil HO OrientE Pencil-icon.png 41
Pipe HO OrientE Pipe-icon.png 42
Pocket Watch HO OrientE Pocket Watch-icon.png 43
Pomegranate HO OrientE Pomegranate-icon.png 44
Popcorn HO OrientE Popcorn-icon.png 45
Purse HO OrientE Purse-icon.png 46
Railroad Pin HO OrientE Railroad Tie-icon.png 47
Rat HO OrientE Rat-icon.png 48
Razor HO OrientE Razor-icon.png 49
Revolver HO OrientE REvolver-icon.png 50
Scissors HO OrientE Scissors-icon.png 51
Spats HO OrientE Spats-icon.png 52
Spoon HO OrientE Spoon-icon.png 53
Steam Engine HO OrientE Steam Engine-icon.png 54
Stirrup HO OrientE Stirrup-icon.png 55
Sugar Cube HO OrientE Sugar Cube-icon.png 56
Sunflower HO OrientE Sunflower-icon.png 57
Sun HO OrientE Sun-icon.png 58
Teapot HO OrientE TEapot-icon.png 59
Tear HO OrientE Tear-icon.png 60
Tie Pin HO OrientE Tie Pin-icon.png 61
Tortoise HO OrientE Tortoise-icon.png 62
Trench Coat HO OrientE Trench Coat-icon.png 63
Turtle Dove HO OrientE Turtle Dove-icon.png 64
Wallet HO OrientE Wallet-icon.png 65
White Roses HO OrientE White Roses-icon.png 66
Writing Paper HO OrientE Writing Paper-icon.png 67
Sunglasses HO OrientE Sunglasses-icon.png 68

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